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New rail filling element



Expansion of the product range



We have expanded our product portfolio to another chamber filling element.


It is designed for high-laying green track areas.


Feel free to ask for further information.


Sub ballast mats






We also have sub mallast mats in various strengths.


Contact us for test reports.

























Ulm - Line 2

Connection future


Construction company and planner have paid particular attention to stray current insulation.


On the basis of measured, low values ​​for reference construction sites, the Ulmer Stadtwerke and the operating company, Geiger and Schüle, have decided to install Regum rail filling elements.


A further criterion for this decision was the joint-sealing system, in which the head of the filling element is closed with a special pad that leads to a further, clear reduction of stray currents.


The joint below the rail head is closed with an integrated butyl cord. Again, this is a protected Regum solution.


The special type shown in the picture is used as the rail filling element type Ulm.




Green track in Nuremberg









The new line 'Thon am Wegfeld' in Nuremberg, Germany was officially opened Dec. 10, 2016.


It connects the northern part with the city.

Half a year later, the green track has developed excellently.







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