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Rail filling elements for state of the art track work

Acoustically decoupling the rail from its substrate and from the environment is becoming standard practice much more frequently.


With our extensive range of multiple-use moulds, we can quickly supply standard large quantities of filler blocks, for example for rail types 60 R 1, 60 R 2, 59 R 1, 53 R 1
and 49 E 1. 


We produce special types for many different customers in a large range of variations to meet local requirements. Consultants and public transport companies rely on our technical support from the design phase onwards.


We have the flexibility to adapt our products precisely to match the individual rail type. Recesses for rail fastenings are always where they ought to be. 


Optimum stray current insulation and noise reduction are obtained when REGUM filler blocksare firmly attached to the rail. Our special adhesive ensures durable bonding.


For those who prefer an easy separation of rail and filler block or who want to reduce the extent of installation work, self-locking filler blocks can be provided which are perfectly fixed to the rail.


We have developed a self-sealing patented

system for this application.


We devise functional and economical solutions in research and development together with public transport companies and civil engineering contractors.


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